How to delete bitly or tinyurl links? Solution here!

deleteYou can’t really delete bitly or tinyurl links = they just let you remove the links from your account, not delete the links. So the solution is to use azipURL! We let you delete the links you create so that when a user clicks on a link that you have deleted, it doesn’t work anymore. It’s not just a fake delete to remove the links from your account. And to avoid any issues, links cannot be used again by others.

We also let you deactivate/reactivate links with our Pto and Premium plans.

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Tips on using a URL shortener for your Content Marketing

1. Consider using a Branded Domain for your Short URL. This is a customized domain that is shorter than your actual website URL, and also has a shorter page URL. So for example, if your website is, your Branded Domain Short URL might be, or…it can be tough to find an available domain, but we make the process easier with our Check Domain Availability tool. The customized Branded Domain allows visitors to quickly identify your company/content, while also benefiting from the URL shortener services.

2. Customize your Short URLs. Even if you don’t use a Branded Domain, you can customize the back part of the URL, i.e. the page URL. Rather than an Auto URL consisting of a small series of numbers, go for customizing the page URL to something descriptive that tells visitors quickly and right away what they are getting with your link.

3. Use your Short URLs on your social media, podcasts, radio, print advertising. A shortened customized URL is catchier and easier to remember, driving more traffic to your website. While your website page URLs may contain many words, either to be descriptive and/or to differentiate from all your other pages, your Short URL can be short and sweet. Also, the analytical data that you get can help you grow your engagement and curate your content to your audience.

A Short URL can take up less space than your usual website page URLs, which can be very important on print advertising, such as flyers or an ad, where there is very limited space. When you don’t want to change up your website to fit a certain box, this is your solution.

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